Tie-dye sweatsuits, t-shirts, and more are now in style

Working from home has become the new standard for many of us during this unsettling period of social isolation and quarantine. Make yourself comfy now. What should I wear today? is not a question you have to consider. Your ability to work from home will increase if you dress stylishly in loungewear or sweatpants.

As a result of the several celebrities who wore tie-dye sweatpants while confined, this style of apparel has now been endorsed by famous people working from home. You may create your own or make them along with your family as a fun DIY project while you’re in quarantine if you want to wear the same clothing as the celebrity you adore. You may use it with garments you already own or those you buy from us. It’s a simple DIY project. While several well-known businesses, such as Urban Outfitters, sell tie-dyed clothing, you can make your own for less money. The Champion reverse weave sweatshirt and hoodie and the Champion short sleeve tagless tee that are offered at NYFifth are comparable options that are perfect for DIY projects at home and comfy without losing style.

The tie-dye sweatsuit is a current fashion favorite. The popular YouTube video [DIY: Tie Dye Matching Sweatsuit] demonstrates how to make a tie-dye sweatsuit at home.

The following supplies are required before making the colorful tie-dye sweatsuit set: a sweatshirt, sweatpants, tie dye kit, rubber bands, gloves, and a basin of water. If you don’t already have the appropriate sweatshirt and sweatpants at home, we suggest the following items so you may create a tie-dye sweatsuit set:

White sweatpants for men and women:

  • Jerzees 973: 8 oz. NuBlend 50/50 Sweatpants
  • Gildan G184FL Ladies 7.75 oz. Heavy Blend 50/50 Open-Bottom Sweatpants
  • Port & Company® PC90P: The Ultimate Sweatpant with Pockets

White sweatshirts and hoodies that are affordable:

  • Gildan 18500 Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Gildan 12000 Ultra Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Gildan 18000 Heavy Blend 8 oz., 50/50 Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Hanes® F170 Ultra Cotton® Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
  • J. America 8824: Premium Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Champion S600 Double Dry Eco Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Champion S700 Double Dry Eco Hooded Sweatshirt

Other Popular Tie Dye Patterns

One of the most well-liked and enjoyable methods to make amazing designs is by tie-dying. By creating a unique work of art, you become your own designer when you tie-dye materials. Five interesting tie-dye shirt designs are available at NYFifth to enliven your summer wardrobe. Do you want to discover more fascinating tie-dye patterns? Here, we’ve compiled three well-liked tie-dye designs:

Tie Dye Spiral Pattern

One of the most well-liked designs is the spiral tie-dye design. You can be transported back to your youth by this traditional tie dye pattern with its kaleidoscopic color and style. It’s the ideal design to use for summery tie-dye towels. To use the tie dye spiral process, just follow the video; it’s extremely simple to accomplish.

Material Needed: white cotton t-shirt, tie dye kit, water, rubber bands, gloves, plastic bag, or plastic wrap.

Step 1: Lay a pre-washed, still damp white t-shirt out flat on a covered work surface.

Step 2: Pick a spot on the t-shirt and pinch some fabric to place between your fingers. Twist until all the fabric is in a spiral shape.

Step 3: Take 3–4 rubber bands and wrap them around the t-shirt to secure it.

Step 4: Mix your dye with water according to the package instructions.

Step 5: Wear gloves and try to fully cover the t-shirt with dye.

Step 6: Wrap it in a plastic bag and let it sit for six to eight hours or longer for the dye to fully set.

Step 7: Remove the t-shirt from the bag and remove the rubber bands. Rinse off the excess dye under running water until the water runs fairly clear. Put the t-shirt in the dryer or hang it outdoors to dry.

Crumple Tie Dye Pattern

In addition to that, the crumple tie dye design is rather common. It is a time-honored technique that is often used for tie-dyed sweatshirts or shirts. This simple tie-dye method cannot be executed in an incorrect manner in any way. Just scrunch, crunch, and color it! To create the crumple tie dye design, just follow the instructions in this video.

Material Needed: white cotton t-shirt, tie dye kit, water, apron and gloves, plastic table cover.

Step 1: Place a damp t-shirt on a protected work surface.

Step 2: Using your fingertips, scrunch the t-shirt together.

Step 3: Wearing gloves and an apron, mix dye as instructed on the package.

Step 4: Randomly squeeze dye onto the t-shirt.

Step 5: Wrap the t-shirt in a plastic table cover and let it set for 6–8 hours.

Step 6: Rinse the t-shirt in running water until the water runs clear. Wash and dry the t-shirt separately.

Tie Dye with Bleach

Tie-dying with bleach is a great option to consider if you are seeking a method to modernize your black clothing. There is a fad called “acid wash,” and it looks better on darker hues. You’ll get a cool pattern that shines out well against dark colors if you follow the instructions in this video and tie dye with bleach.

Material Needed: Cotton clothing in a dark color, squeeze bottle, rubber bands, heavy rubber gloves, water, bleach, protected work surface.

Step 1: Twist your garment to create a pattern and secure it with rubber bands.

Step 2: Wearing heavy rubber gloves. Fill a squeeze bottle with a mixture of 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water.

Step 3: Squeeze the bleach mixture to the exposed fabric of the garment.

Step 4: Allow the bleach to sit on the fabric for 8-10 minutes.

Step 5: Remove all the rubber bands. Wash the garment right away. If you hand wash it, make sure to leave on your gloves until you’ve finished rinsing it.

Step 6: Put the garment into air-dry or hang it outdoors to dry.

Are you itching to give it a go now that you’ve seen those videos? Tie-dye t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other items may transform an ordinary WFH outfit into a daring one.