Welcome to BaubleGift Store, where we bring you the trendiest items that reflect your unique personality and interests. Our collection features a wide range of products, including custom T-shirts, long sleeve white hoodies, and more, all designed to cater to your individual style. Whether you’re a nurse, a teacher an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, or someone who wants to showcase their faith, we have the perfect shirt for you.

At BaubleGift Store, we take pride in offering high-quality products that don’t break the bank. Our team of expert artists and graphic designers work tirelessly to create captivating designs that resonate with our customers. In fact, 25% of our design ideas come directly from you, our valued customers. If you have a great idea in mind, feel free to share it with us, and there’s a good chance you’ll see it come to life.

About Us

Championing the art of print-on-demand T-shirts, we stand tall as the unrivaled experts in the United States. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring you a collection of T-shirts that are not only made and manufactured 100% in the USA but also boast captivating designs crafted with the utmost creativity and printed using the finest techniques, such as DTG. When you wear our T-shirts, you embark on a journey of joy and unparalleled style.

In our store, uniqueness and individuality reign supreme, without burdening your wallet like other T-shirt brands. We take immense pride in this extraordinary distinction. Understanding the needs of our customers, we strive to make T-shirt shopping an affordable delight. And we’ve succeeded! That’s why we exist, passionately delivering exceptional T-shirts that instill confidence, elevate your fashion game, and make you feel truly special.

Our commitment to you extends beyond just T-shirts. We are dedicated to providing the best and widest selection of items that cater to your every demand and leave you thoroughly satisfied. With a team of devoted employees and strategic partners by our side, we invest time and effort in researching and developing products that offer unparalleled value to our esteemed clients. By keeping a close eye on the latest trends, we ensure our customers’ needs are always prioritized.

Core Values

BaubleGift Store price is our goal. Not to mention that the best material, the phenomenal design, and the high standard customer service allow you to have a great style in what you wear and how you feel about the T-shirt you are wearing.

In a world full of trends and you can’t afford to buy your own favorite due to the money issue, come with us! Buy the lowest price T-shirt online and still shine your light!

At BaubleGift Store, we are committed to bringing you the best and most interesting products from around the world, while keeping shipping costs affordable. The way we do this is by using a drop-shipping model that helps us partner with suppliers across the globe and delivers their products straight to your doorstep. This not only allows us to offer you products at a lower cost than our competitors, but it also enables you to discover unique and hard-to-find items from all over the world, without having to leave your home.

Our Vision

We desire to be perfect at our work and create a broad T-shirt market that serves you with all types of T-shirt wearing in any occasion, any daily activity with multiple sizes and colors in custom.

Fashion in general and niche in specific are changing day by day, we force ourselves to catch up with the latest trend accompanied with our passion in print on demand, which is the great energy to boost us better every single day.

We are pleased to make better material T shirt products – where you can find happiness in shopping, wear what you love and love what you wear! It’s not about the money! We’ve already solved it for you when it comes to the price, then you completely buy and choose your ideal T shirt at your convenience!

Our Mission

We bring to our customers such impressive low price T-shirts online with high trust and good experience on every shopping time. We’re developing our top excellent human resources, who are deeply majoring in fashion design T-shirts as well as professionals in manufacturing and selling cheap Tee Shirts online, to support customers with all our hearts.

We are proud of our prospects wearing our T-shirts with pleasure and being different in their own style. You can contact us for more information and it’s our pleasure to fix all your issues. We share a community of lowest price t-shirts online for you to join, then we grow and shine together!

Our Partners

We sell POD (Print On Demand) items on our official e-commerce website at: baublegift.com and hence product diversification is critical to meeting the shopping needs of clients. For many years, we have collaborated with significant and recognized companies in this industry.

For products that we ship from a US warehouse, we use standard shipping such as USPS and UPS. For products from China, we use Yun Express only.

Our Target Customer Market

Our target market consists of people who prefer to dress casually and comfortably in their day-to-day lives. We offer prints that are colorful and fun, but not too feminine or masculine—something both men and women can enjoy. Our prints are designed for art lovers who want to wear their favorite pieces. We also sell graphic tees that are meant to give the wearer a laugh and a bit of self-confidence. Our customers tend to be between the ages of 30, with the majority being between 30-and 55. They are creative, independent thinkers who enjoy art and humor. Our customers shop with us because they want unique pieces that they can’t find in chain stores. They’re looking for comfortable clothing that is high quality and well made, but also affordable.


BaubleGift Store is the brand of FLOWERSRAINBOW LTD. (Company number 14984569), headquartered at 7 Coronation Road, Dephna House #105, London, United Kingdom, NW10 7PQ. Our branch is located at Van Thai, Cam Van, Cam Giang Ward, Hai Duong city, Vietnam. Our warehouse is located at 4215 Malickson Drive Parrish, FL 34219, United States

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