National Teacher Day
National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day

National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher Day, takes place on the Tuesday of the first full week in May each year.

Teachers play a very important role in the development of every nation, and that’s why their work is appreciated in many countries around the world, including the USA. National Teacher Day is celebrated in the USA annually since 1985.

The history of National Teacher Day can be traced back to 1944, however, its origin is murky. Mattye Whyte Woodridge, a teacher from Arkansas, had the idea of establishing a Teacher Day and around 1944 he started corresponding with educational and political leaders.

He insisted on the need for a national holiday to honor the work of teachers. Woodridge wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to describe his idea, and she persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day. But there was still a long way ahead for it.

The National Education Association, Kansas and Indiana states lobbied Congress to create a national holiday for all teachers. And finally, Congress declared March 7, 1980, to be National Teacher Day for that year only.

The National Education Association continued to observe the holiday in March, till its Representative Assembly voted to change the date in 1985. The date of the event was moved to Tuesday during the first full week of May, which is also Teacher Appreciation Week.

National Teacher Day in the USA 2023 is May 3

Why We Love National Teacher Day

We notice you

Teachers take on a lot while making very few demands. One of the most significant jobs in the world, they mold young brains and impart valuable lessons. It’s only right to support them so that tomorrow will be better by enabling them to execute their jobs successfully.

They stay by your side

Any famous athlete or performer will probably be able to name their favorite teacher without even being asked. Although it’s easy to doubt oneself when life is difficult, our favorite teachers always know when to encourage us and point out our potential. They are worthy of respect because they recognize our excellence before we do.

The power of knowledge

Knowledge is our most powerful instrument, and teachers are its distributors. It has always been a profession to teach. Every educator, from Aristotle to Albert Einstein, has had an immense impact on the world. This legacy of ongoing knowledge must be preserved so that we can benefit from it and advance.

National Teacher Day Activities

1. Personalize it

Why not personalize it as a teacher can only eat so many apples? Your favorite teacher deserves a letter from you in which you express your gratitude for them. Make careful to give them concrete examples and let them know you’ve taken note. Once they understand how much of an influence they’ve had, it will undoubtedly make them feel good.

2. Provide help

A teacher may have a lot of work to do. It can be demanding to work long hours at school and after school while also having to keep track of every student in their classrooms. By providing support, you can lighten their strain. They could require help grading papers or having their room cleaned. These little deeds add up and have a significant impact.

3. Instagram it

Post them on your social media accounts with their consent, explaining why they stand out. Even people whose occupation it is to inspire require motivation from time to time. By honoring them publicly, you can lift their spirits and encourage other students to reflect on the teachers who have had an impact on their lives.

How To Observe Teacher Appreciation Day

It is time to say “Thank You” to the exceptional teachers you know. Take a moment and reflect on the teachers in your life. Who influenced your life? Who is making an impact today? Let teachers past and present know you value them. Let them know how they helped shape your future. You can also show your gratitude for your teachers in other ways:

  • Refill their supplies. Many teachers stock their classrooms with the supplies they need to effectively teach.
  • Write a letter showing your support. Your words may encourage a teacher to continue making a difference in a child’s life.
  • Ask them what they need the most. Sometimes just being asked is the most important part.
  • Volunteer in your schools. Every day, schools rely on parent support for many programs to succeed.
  • Give them some Teacher Appreciation Gifts like shirts,… you can find them on BaubleGift Store

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