LGBT is a topic that many people are interested in, especially young people. However, not everyone can clearly understand LGBT. Many people simply understand it as a gender that is neither male nor female. So what is LGBT? How is it classified? This article will clarify what you need to know about LGBT.

LGBT community
LGBT community

1. What is LGBT?

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and along with heterosexual they are terms used to describe people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBT is also used to describe the sexual orientation of a person who has a different sexual and romantic attraction to heterosexuals (attracted by people of the opposite sex).

The US has a statistic that about 3.5% of people identify as gay or bisexual. However, many of them find themselves not 100% gay, straight or bisexual. Some people do not see any sexual attraction to either the same or opposite sex so they are asexual.

In the past, when medicine was not yet developed and society was not modern, people from the LGBT community were considered to have mental problems and mental illnesses.

Since July 15, 1990, the United Nations has declared that LGBT is not a mental illness, and the LGBT community is officially recognized.

The LGBT community has been growing around the world in recent years. Some countries accept same-sex marriage, making same-sex marriage legal such as:

– Europe has the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, England, Portugal, Spain…

– Asia has Australia, Taiwan…

– In Latin America there are Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

South Africa is the only one in Africa that allows same-sex marriage.

2. What is LGBTQ+?

LGBTQ+ is an abbreviation that is used to signify a varied spectrum of sexual/gender identities, including anybody who is transgender and/or attracted to same/similar genders.

What Does Each Letter Stand For?

L stands for lesbian.

G stands for gay.

B stands for bisexual.

T stands for transgender.

Q stands for queer/questioning.

+ represents any other gender identities, expressions, sexual orientations, and variations in sex characteristics that are not cisgender or heterosexual, or do not fit within male/female biological binaries, including pansexual and two-spirit.


Type of LGBT
Type of LGBT

3. How many types of LGBT are there?

LGBT can be called sexual orientation with people of the same sex, having feelings for people of the same sex, for example, men love men, women love women. It is also possible that bisexuality refers to a person being romantically and sexually attracted to both sexes. For example: a person is male they can love another person is male or female, a person is female they can also have feelings for another woman or man…

Specifically, there are 4 types as follows:

3.1. Lesbian

Lesbians are just like normal women in terms of sexual organs, psychology and biology.

However, they are often attracted to love and sex and emotionally shaken both physically and mentally by women of the same sex as themselves without romantic feelings for boys.

For lesbians, when in love, they also have emotions like other people, such as hatred, jealousy, love, care… and they confidently express those gestures to express their feelings. own with the opponent.

3.2. Gay

Gay men are similar to lesbians, who are sexually attracted to, physically and mentally, with people of the same sex. Most gay men feel attracted to people of the same sex, there is no need for gender reassignment surgery.

Gay is divided into many categories such as: Secret Gay, Openly Gay, Top, Bottom, Clofas, Graceful Gay and Tough

Secret GayThese people often show male gestures, including fashion and aesthetic taste, few think they are gay.
Openly GayAs an openly gay man, he has a set of gestures, although he is a man, but likes to show that he lives comfortably and wants many people to know he is gay.
TopIn a “gay” relationship, the gay man acts as the husband
BottomIn a “gay” relationship, the gay man acts as the wife
ClofasGay men have a fashion style to dress, use jewelry, and cosmetics like a real girl. They don’t like people of the same sex, only like girls’ fashion, but they are not squishy
Graceful GayThese people often have effeminate gestures like a girl
ToughThey have strong gestures like a strong man

3.3. Transgender

Those who have biological manifestations on the body of this gender but perceive themselves as the opposite sex. For example, a person who was born with a male body but thinks of himself as a female or vice versa. This mindset does not depend on whether they are transgender or not.

In fact, many transgender people have never performed a gender reassignment, because this has caused many people to confuse transgender with someone who has performed gender reassignment.

Many transgender people do not undergo surgery to change the genitals, only use hormones in combination with breast surgery, in fact, they are still their old sex, but have not changed sex because of their genitals, glands, etc. Sex hormones remain in their bodies.

Transgender people also want to be called by personal pronouns suitable for their gender. For example, transgender female to male can be called by “he”, and transgendered female can be called by “she”. In the case of a new meeting and not sure how to call, you can politely ask them how they would like to be called.

3.4. Bisexual

According to a report by the American Psychological Association, a person’s sexual orientation is determined based on many factors such as feelings, emotions, sexuality…

Bisexual is the term used to refer to bisexual sexual orientation. These are people who have feelings of love and affection for both men and women. Accordingly, they can have romantic/sexual relationships with both same-sex and opposite-sex people.

Bisexual Flag
Bisexual Flag

In addition to Bisexual, there are four other types of sexual orientation:

Heterosexual: Being attracted to people of the opposite sex (normal tendency).

Homosexual: Being attracted to someone of the same sex.

Pansexual: Being attracted to any gender.

Asexual: When you are not attracted to any gender.

Above is the information about the LGBT community that we want to share with you. Hopefully with the right understanding of the LGBT community. If you find this article useful, please share it with those around you! Don’t forget to visit Baublegift for more useful information!