Almost everybody has a favorite teacher, someone who went above and beyond to encourage you because they could see your potential. On October 5, take time to celebrate World Teachers’ Day — a global event launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994.

Just as Matilda had Ms. Honey, Harry had Dumbledore, and Cady had Ms. Norbury, maybe you’re a teacher working hard to help young people learn and grow. Considering that teachers mold future generations, taking one day every year to say “thank you” is the least we can do. No matter where you are in the world today, remember that teachers matter!


World Teachers’ Day is held annually on October 5. That has been the case since the first observation way back in 1994.


This holiday marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. It sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers for their initial preparation, further education, recruitment, employment, and learning conditions.

UNESCO’s 2020 message: “With the theme: ‘Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession,’ we recognize the critical importance of reaffirming the value of the teaching mission. We call upon governments to make teaching a profession of first choice for young people. Above all, we celebrate the work of dedicated teachers around the world who continue to strive every day to ensure that ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’ and the promotion of ‘lifelong learning opportunities for all’ become a reality in every corner of the globe.”

The official event will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on October 7 .

World Teachers’ Day Around the World
ChileDía del Maestro (Teacher’s Day)After being moved around a few times, Chile finally settled on October 16 to honor their Teachers’ AssociationOctober 16
Costa RicaTeacher’s DayThose in Costa Rica use this date to commemorate Mauro Fernández Acuña, a reformer of education in their country.December 22
New ZealandTeacher’s DayThose in New Zealand choose to honor their teachers at the end of October each year.October 29
South KoreaTeacher’s DayTeachers are usually presented with carnations by their students and ex-students.May 15


  • In India, the share of female teachers declines with the remoteness of schools, from 60% when the school is located at the local government seat to 30% when it is 30 km away.
  • More teachers are needed in displacement settings. If all refugees enrolled, Turkey would need 80,000 additional teachers, Germany would need 42,000 teachers and educators, and Uganda would need 7,000 additional primary teachers. Yet refugee teachers are often excluded from national training programs because of professional regulations on right to work.
  • Nearly 94% of teachers in pre-primary education, but only about half of those in upper secondary education, are female.
  • The proportion of women among primary school teachers in low-income countries (41%) is half that in high-income countries (82%).
  • In low-income countries, only 23% of secondary school teachers are women.
  • At the tertiary level, only 19% of teachers are women in low-income countries and about 46% or less in the other income groups.

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