International Nurses Day
International Nurses Day

Nurses are burned out! If you’re a nurse, you know the truth of that statement! For those outside the profession, endless research studies show how common the phenomenon has become. Nurse appreciation is one way to reverse the trend.

National Nurses Week and International Nurse Day are ideal times to show the nurses in your life a little love. Each year, the weeklong celebration comes with a unique theme. Learning ways to praise nursing professionals fits into any year’s topic.

If you need some help figuring out how to show your gratitude to nurses, this article covers the following to help guide you:

Why is International Nurses Day?

IND is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. ICN commemorates this important day each year by producing and distributing the International Nurses’ Day (IND) resources and evidence.

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National Nurses Week honors their contributions and sacrifices and reminds us to thank the medical professionals who keep us healthy. It is celebrated between May 6, National Nurses Day, and May 12, the birthdate of celebrated nurse Florence Nightingale.

Why Nurse appreciation is important?

Let’s be honest. Nurses put up with a lot while caring for patients. Difficult family members and sometimes patients themselves can make the job a lot harder. If you’re a nurse, you know you must maintain your composure, no matter how unpleasant the situation.

Emotional labor takes a toll on you after a while. Whether the source of your stress is patients, their families, coworkers, or management, you must hold it together while at work.

The nursing profession is one of giving and caring for others – giving of time, empathy, care, compassion, and energy – said Dr. Morgan Krumeich, a clinical psychologist with the Allegheny Health Network’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Institute.

“Now more than ever, nurses need to feel appreciated; some of the care, empathy, and compassion they so willingly give, needs to be given back to them, allowing them to continue to do what they are passionate about.”

How to show appreciation for Nurses

During National Nurses Week, let’s show nurses how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Here are some ways you can brighten their spirits.

Ask to see the manager

Most people only ask to see the manager when they have a complaint. Consider changing it up a bit and seek out the charge nurse or other supervisor to praise the care you received. Some facilities use comment cards to give a shout-out to a particular nurse.

Say thank you personally

Never underestimate the simple act of saying thank you to nurses. Expressing gratitude is good for the health and happiness of the giver, as well as the receiver. Be sure to say please and thank you when receiving care from a nurse.

Following a lengthy hospital or rehabilitation facility stay, return to say thank you for the excellent care received. If this isn’t possible, then consider writing a personal note of gratitude and having it delivered.

Thank you gifts for nurses

Everyone loves getting gifts. Why not consider giving one to a nurse? There are many options to consider like candles (always good for stress relief!), mugs, and gift cards. Gifts don’t have to be large or expensive. The gesture is what brightens a nurse’s day.

Volunteer in a hospital or medical facility

Hospitals are understaffed due to ongoing nursing shortages. They rely on volunteers to provide certain services. What better way to show your appreciation for nurses than to spend some time in a hospital or medical facility helping? There are plenty of ways for volunteers to assist.

Some Unique Appreciation Gifts for Nurses

1. Gift Cards

Gift Cards For Nurses
Gift Cards For Nurses

Whether it’s to a popular retail store or a tasty local restaurant, gift cards are the perfect, simple way to show gratitude for our nurses. Giving a nurse a gift card is great because it encourages them to treat themselves for all of their hard work, and they don’t have to spend a penny!

2. Flowers

Flowers For Nurses
Flowers For Nurses

Put a smile on a nurse’s face with a colorful bouquet of flowers sent to their workplace. Flowers can be ordered quickly online or over the phone, and are a great way to brighten anyone’s day. Pair the bouquet with a handwritten note to make it more personalized.

3. Spa Day & Professional Massages

Gift for Nurses: Spa Day & Professional Massages
Gift for Nurses: Spa Day & Professional Massages

Nurses work on their feet for long (and we mean long) periods of time. Because of this, their job can be hard on their bodies. Give the gift of relaxation with a glorious spa gift card. Mani-pedis and facials are other great gifts for winding down.

In addition to spa treatments, there are other gifts that can help nurses alleviate their stress and promote self-care. Aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils can create a soothing environment in the home or workplace. Massage chairs or handheld massagers can help alleviate muscle tension and soreness. Yoga mats or fitness classes can also provide a physical outlet for stress relief. Consider these options to help the nurse in your life take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Consider treating the nurse in your life to a day at the spa or a relaxing beauty treatment to help them unwind and rejuvenate after a long day on their feet. It’s a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.

4. Meals on Long Shifts

Gifts for Nurses: Meals on Long Shifts
Gifts for Nurses: Meals on Long Shifts

When the shift takes off, it can be difficult to find time to head to the cafeteria or find a restaurant that’s open if you’re on the night shift. Take one step out of a nurse’s busy schedule by ordering a delicious meal for their. With the convenience of online ordering and delivery services, nurses can enjoy a hot meal without having to leave their unit. This can help boost morale and energy levels during long shifts, ultimately benefiting patient care. So why not treat yourself or a fellow nurse to a tasty meal on the job?

There are many food delivery services that cater specifically to hospitals and medical facilities, offering a variety of healthy and convenient meal options. By taking advantage of these services, nurses can save time and energy while still enjoying a satisfying meal during their shift. Plus, having a nutritious meal can help nurses stay alert and focused, which is crucial in their line of work.

5. Gifts like Shirts, Mugs, Water Bottle

Gifts like Shirts, Mugs, Water Bottle
Gifts like Shirts, Mugs, Water Bottle

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Nurse appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even small gestures can make a big impact. A heartfelt thank-you note or a simple gift can go a long way in boosting a nurse’s morale and reminding them that their hard work is valued. It’s important to remember that nurses are human beings with emotions and stress just like everyone else. Taking the time to recognize their efforts can make all the difference in their day-to-day lives. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the nurses in our lives and show them how much we care.

In conclusion, nurse burnout is a prevalent issue in the healthcare industry. Nurse appreciation is one way to combat this trend, and National Nurses Week and International Nurse Day are perfect opportunities to show gratitude towards nurses. Learning ways to praise nursing professionals can help boost their morale and prevent burnout. Let us all take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of nurses, especially during these challenging times.